Product Specification

  • Materials: 100% Jute fibre
  • Mesh size (cm): 2.5cm x 2.5cm (Ecomesh-500), 1.2cm x 1.2cm (Ecomesh-750)
  • Width (m): 1.20m
  • Weight (gram/m2): 500 g/m² (Ecomesh-500), 750 g/m² (Ecomesh-750)
  • Packaging (m2/bale): 1.2m x 100m (in folding form)

About the Product

  1. It is a woven netting made of natural Jute fibers
  2. It is produced from vegetable oil which is free of hydrocarbons
  3. It makes with Twines Jute yam weaves in single weft and double wrap
  4. Its thickness and mass are complied with ASTM D17777 and ASTM D 6475 respectively